Fibers light. Carbon strong!
Fibers light. Carbon strong!
Strength in Material!
Our Products

At Textech, our products are created with a mind for quality and durability. We offer high-quality technical fabrics of glass fiber, carbon fiber, kevlar, hybrids, nonwovens, and resins designed with various options for filaments, yarns, sizes, weaves, and finishes, which means there is a perfect fabric to fit every need.

fiber Glass reinforcement

We offer different varieties that are woven from high-quality E-glass fiberglass yarn in thicknesses ranging from 0.025mm to 2mm and in different densities and weave patterns with roll lengths up to 10000 meters.
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Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

Carbon fiber is a popular material used in high-end industries, including automotive and aerospace. This is a good choice if you're looking for maximum strength while minimizing weight.
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Kevlar Reinforcement

Kevlar is a heat-resistant and strong synthetic fiber related to other aramids like Nomex and Technora. They are used to make many different products, including ropes, racing sails, and protective clothing such as motorcycle jackets and vests. They are suitable for laminates that require increased strength, such as bulletproof vests.
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Hybrid Reinforcement

Our Hybrid fabrics are made from both natural and synthetic fibers. We combine different materials to make our hybrid fabrics: fiberglass, carbon fiber, and kevlar. That means they can be used in wider applications and conditions than one material alone.
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Nonwovens are an attractive alternative to woven fabrics. They are made of a bunch of fibers but are not woven together like a regular fabric is. Instead, they are bonded together in a way that makes them sturdy and resistant to tearing.
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Resins & Speciality Chemicals

Techtex provides high-quality multipurpose epoxy resins of Novolec and bisphenol for corrosion resistance purposes and Orthophythalic Unsaturated Polyester resin for application in artificial and stone industries.
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Thermal Insulation

70% more efficient!
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Quality Assurance